Name: Ginny You

Age Range: Young Adult

Height: 5’4”






ginny dot you at gmail dot com




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Ginny grew up in Los Angeles County. She has always had a passion for and interest in the creative arts. In high school she focused on a career in journalism, and this love for the written word led her to major in creative writing during her undergraduate studies. Her career in acting emerged through her enjoyment of anime and a curiosity and desire to learn about voiceover work. Eventually, this passion for performance also piqued her interest in on-camera acting. Currently, Ginny is pursuing a career in both on-camera and voiceover. She lives in Los Angeles with her two black American Shorthair cats, Zima and Sumomo. They are named after two anime characters whose spirits and personalities they embody.

  1. FOR FUN

  2. Zima and Sumomo in The Collector

  3. Zima and Sumomo in Dariush's music video, Donyaye In Roozaye Man directed by Siros Kerdouni
  4. Zima and Sumomo in the music video, Tender Morsels Ep 1